Washington County Barrel Racing Association

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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Washington County Barrel Racing Association is to promote the sport of barrel racing and to support its growth by increasing the number of participants and to improve the quality of shows for both beginning and veteran contestants alike.

2015 Officers

          Dana Hulet, President (435)632-0745 danah22@live.com

          Darla Adams, Treasurer (435)680-6522 adams-dd@msn.com

          Tara Coughlin, Scheduling Secretary (435)229-3141 tara@coughlincompany.com

          Marita Wright, Newsletter Secretary (435)628-2166 mhw_usa@yahoo.com

          Julie Bishop, Points/Attendance Secretary (435)229-7446 julie.larsen.bishop@gmail.com

          Natalie Riley, Dixie Classic Chairperson (435)680-1779 dixieclassicbarrelrace@gmail.com

          Katie Larsen, Dixie Classic Ad Book, (435)313-6000 k8mortenson@yahoo.com

           Lori Holyoak, 10 & Under Rep, (435)632-0764 lholyoak9@yahoo.com



          Contact the Entry Secretary, Sebrina Smith (435)773-5725 call/text or

                 send email to wcbra.secretary@gmail.com